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Professional manufacturers to explain the use of fire valve on the scene

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Damper installed in the central air conditioning duct system and working principle is the pole of the fusible alloy temperature control, the effect of gravity and spring to close the valve. When there is a fire, the flame intrusion duct at high temperature, the valve on the fusible alloy melting, or the memory alloy deformation makes the valve close automatically, occasion for through the air duct and the fire district.
Fire valve installed in ventilation, air-conditioning systems, send, return air pipeline, usually a open state, fire when the pipeline gas temperature reached 70 degrees, fusible film fuse, valve automatically closed under the action of the torsion spring, in a certain period of time can meet fire-resistant stability and fire after integration requirements, a fire resisting and smoke isolation valve. When the valve is closed, the output signal is closed.
Smoke fire control valve, normally open, 70 closed, with 1, but more of a telecommunications signal input, by the fire control room remote control closing, generally used for normal air, fire up the common air wind pipe system, the fire can be close control do not need to fill the air of the room.
Normally open type smoke fire damper, 280 degrees blown off, the normally open and output (EMG), this and a similar, but different fusing temperature, generally used in fire smoke exhaust pipe through the firewall, flue gas temperature exceeds 280 degrees fuse automatically closed, linkage to close the exhaust fan.
Smoke valve installed in the exhaust system pipe, usually in a closed state, when the fire manual or electric open, smoke. When the flue gas temperature of the smoke exhaust pipe reaches to 280 degrees, the valve can meet the requirements of fire resistance stability and fire resistance in a certain period of time.
Normally closed type fireproof smoke exhaust valve (normally closed, open telecommunications number, 280 degrees fuse shut down, or manually shut down) general application in the exhaust system, suction exhaust fan installed a, fire by fire control room control the opening, closing can also shut down the chain.

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